The Rangers

Ed and Luis have worked to combine their passions; wildlife and art. Inspiring each other to create NFTs that show the suffering humans cause to elephants and the need to protect them.

Our environment and population are decaying around us. The Rangers, an elite herd of Elephants, have been made to protect others in the real world and in the Metaverse.


(Her)bivore Harm

It’s estimated that every 15 minutes an elephant is killed.
The Rangers NFT will donate a percentage of the profits to help elephants in Africa.



Phase One

A Maximum of 500 unique Rangers will be created on this site.

Phase Two

A percentage of the profit will be donated to Real Rangers Organisations in Africa to protect these beautiful animals.

And Beyond

We want to see The Rangers community grow and we will be coming back with new ideas on how to help and protect Wildlife. Stay Tuned.




Why Elephants?

Elephants are one of the most poached animals in the world. We want to raise awareness about how we can protect them. They are also majestic animals that we would like to bring into the Metaverse.

Why Rangers?

Rangers in Africa are the foot soldiers of all conservation efforts, they patrol protected areas, monitor wildlife and prevent poaching, due to this we wanted to honor them and be a part of keeping wildlife safe.



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Ed Martinez

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Luis Hartman


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