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Preservation is worth persevering.

"Hi! I am Ed Martinez. I am a Photographer & NFT developer based in Manchester, UK working on creating NFTs to help Wildlife..."


The Rangers

Help me protect Wildlife...

I have taken advantage of many great opportunities in this world so far, now I feel so proud to be working on my first NFT collection. This new virtual world will open thousands of new opportunities to help WILDLIFE conservation and to teach people about the preservation of wildlife.
Humankind must learn to understand how important this is, and because of this, I have created this collection, as wildlife can only be protected by the love of caring hearts in this world.

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What does the life of an animal mean to you?

Protect Animals...

Every day animals suffer as a direct result of people’s actions. Throughout the world, humans use animals as a source of entertainment and exploit their good nature or abuse them into submission; they are mere objects to the people who manipulate them for financial gain. Social media is becoming a platform for people to post photos of them being entertained by animals. They make these encounters with animals into hash-tagged, bucket list photos in an attempt to get some ‘likes’, It's important to understand the harsh training that goes into manipulating these animals, how the animals are treated, and also the life they are living.

An animal should not be a source of amusement.

We share the planet with animals and we need to stop using them for personal gain:

Camels are not carriages.

Elephants are not ornaments.

Horses are not for sport.

Snakes are not shoes.

Coyotes are not coats.

These animals and many more are deprived of their rights and silenced. 

Please do not support those who exploit animals.